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   Charlie and Co. began in 1973 as an 8-Track tape manufacturing facility. In the early 1980's cassettes began to replace 8 tracks.....We changed with the times.

   By the mid '80's video duplication was added to our group of services. The later part of that decade saw the emergence of compact disc as the coming wave, again we responded to your needs.

Professional design and prepress capabilities were developed to gain more control over packaging. Now with exciting technologies like DVD, DVD Authoring, Compact Disc, Flash Media Duplication and Video Editing.

 All in all we have been around the music industry for more than 35 years... serving artist, record labels, recording studios, bands, advertising agencies, churches and schools. If your needs are compact disc,  DVD, thumb or flash drive media we can meet your needs. We have our on graphics department, that can create a look that shows your target audience all about your project! Let our years of experience help you on your next project